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Martin Foundation sponsors 500 government school students

19 Dec 2020

Martin Foundation sponsors 500 government school students

Government schools occupy the majority percentage of schools in the country. Parents opt to get their students admitted in government schools owing to its affordable fees. But, the facilities and the education provided in these schools are not on par with the education provided in private schools and ICSE Board schools.

As a result of less practical knowledge, the students studying in government schools remain devoid of good future prospects, whereas those graduating from private schools encompass vast practical knowledge and get jobs in good companies. This has slowly led to being an underlying reason behind the widening gap between the rich and the poor, which has never been more profound than now.

Taking this helpless situation into consideration, Martin Foundation in association with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, House of Kalam, Rameshwaram, and Space Zone India, Chennai organized an awareness program for the students of the government schools about satellite technology on 29th December 2020. This was held in JolarPettai Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School. The Martin Foundation, announced the sponsorship of 500 government schools students chosen from all across India for designing the Femto Satellite that has scheduled for a launch on 7th February 2021 at Rameshwaram.

The program was an interesting sight to watch, as around 50 government school students of Tirupathur district, sat completely engrossed seeing the demonstration of how to make Femto Satellites at the school. The event was inaugurated by K.C. Veeramani, Commercial Taxes Minister, on which he quoted that, “This programme will encourage the government school students to pursue and succeed in space research.”

The main aim behind the event was to open a new domain in front of the government students, helping them get abreast with space technology and its different applications. The program was a part of the “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Space Research Payload Cubes Challenges - 2021.”