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India won't get better by itself. We must set big goals and hold ourselves accountable every step of the way!

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    We all want India to become a better place. But what we don’t realize is that our nation won’t get better by itself. Our duty as a responsible Indian citizen is to set big goals and hold ourselves accountable for each and every step of ours, towards reaching that way!

    We at Martin Enterprises, work in harmony with our vision to reduce poverty, injustice, etc., and assist the people in breaking this cycle and help them emerge out of it.

    Martin Karnataka strives to strengthen democratic values and advance human achievements. Martin Lottery believes in investing in transformative ideas, individuals, and institutions. We uphold the inherent dignity of all people irrespective of their caste, creed, race, etc.

    But around India, nearly half of the population is excluded from the political, economic, and social institutions that shape their lives.

  • Approach

    We at Martin Coimbatore work at the intersection of philanthropy, technology, and advocacy, using various strategies to achieve progress across all our initiatives.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to reach out to each and every person who is dwindling in poverty and help them emerge out of the poverty cycle by reducing poverty and injustice.

  • Mission

    Our mission at Martin Foundation is to reduce poverty and justice, strengthen democratic values, and advance human achievement. We stand beside the minority communities to help them and their families. We work towards our three main missions.

    • Standing with the poor on the front lines of crises.
    • Ensuring every Indian family is meeting its educational needs.
    • To create a more notorious, equitable, and regenerative food system.

Mrs. Leema Rose Martin

Founder Leema
"A pillar of strength, support and inspiration"

Wife of our Chairman, Mrs. Leema Rose Martin is the Director of the Martin Group of Companies. Her dedication towards the success of every endeavor of our organization along with her persistent focus towards the fulfillment of the developmental goals of the entire group has truly made her “the driving force behind Mr. Santiago Martin’s success story”. Her benevolence and compassionate nature towards every member of the company is one of the main reasons behind the transformation of our organization as one corporate family.

As a joint Managing Trustee of the Martin Charitable Trust as well as the Secretary & Correspondent of the Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital, her keen sense of understanding for humanitarian values and the practice of good business principles and social ethics have made her a champion in the field of charity and social work. She shares the grand vision of the organization to help promote and consolidate a foundation of unity and sustainable progress through innovation and industry that would help the group of companies to attain greater heights in every field and every aspect.

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Mr. Jose Charles Martin

Founder Jose

The eldest son of Mr. Santiago Martin, Mr. Jose Charles Martin is the director of the Martin Group of Companies. When it comes to his business, he has an entrepreneurial state of mind with a vision and mission to become "one of the world’s best businessmen”.

According to Mr. Jose Charles Martin, true success begins the second you start giving back. He believes that it is the duty of every citizen to return a portion of the goodness they received, to society. His strong charitable attitude has inspired him to personally undertake several generous charitable deeds and works both as an individual as well as a successful group.

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Trust Foundation Martin Lottery Group

We are grateful on the contributions made from the group on Cyclone Gaja

Cyclone Gaja slithered across the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu as the most powerful and most damaging calamity on record to hit the delta region. It floated gradually over the land devastating pieces of the Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Pudukottai, Dindigul, Trichy, Karur, Sivagangai, Ramnad, and Karaikal causing extraordinary flooding and harm in the delta regions.

We were, are, & will always continue to provide
our support to the people.

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