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Why is it important to adopt government schools?

13 May

Why is it important to adopt government schools?

Adopting government schools by corporates and non-profit organizations is an essential thing for the welfare of poor students. Government schools are the only option to get an education for economically backward children. But government schools in Tamilnadu suffer from a lack of many basic needs.

Below are the things that every government school wants:

  • Good infrastructure
  • Toilet facilities
  • Library
  • Play areas
  • Smart classrooms
  • Technology accessories
  • Natural environment


Many government schools in villages are suffering from a lack of good infrastructure facilities. Schools with good infrastructure and environment help students to learn peacefully. Stats says only 60 percent of government schools in Tamil Nadu have proper infrastructure. In other schools, infrastructure facilities need to be improved.

Toilet Facilities:

The toilet is a basic necessity that every school must have. Many government schools don’t have proper toilet facilities. Students studying in those government schools were using open spaces as toilets. Due to the lack of toilets, children skip drinking water. This is a serious issue that needs to be sorted out immediately.


A library is also an essential need a school should have. Students should be given the opportunity to learn beyond subject books. Schools should provide a library for developing general knowledge among students.

Play Area:

A school must have a well-built play area for children to play. Sports are as important as education. Physical health is one of the most important factors in a child’s well-being.

Smart Classrooms:

Private and CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu had set up smart classrooms. Students get more exposure to learning in smart classrooms. Everything is becoming digitalized nowadays. Having smart classrooms in schools has become an important facility.

Technology Accessories:

The government in Tamil Nadu is providing free laptops to higher secondary students. But students in elementary and middle schools have low access to those technology services. If the systems get damaged there is no action taken on repairing those devices. There is none to afford those repair charges.

Natural Environment:

The environment in and around schools should be clean and hygienic. Someone has to take initiative in planting saplings around the campus. Students can learn better if they have been exposed to the natural environment.

Government usually doesn’t allocate funds to schools that have a shortage of students. Students in villages will not get the basic necessities a school should provide. Schools need support from organizations that come voluntarily for better development.

Martin charitable trust has adopted a panchayat union middle school at Koundampalayam in the Coimbatore district. Their aim was to set up a smart classroom, computer lab, science lab, library, playground, toilet, and other infrastructure facilities. Undoubtedly, this is a great initiative and needs to be appreciated by everyone

Many government schools in villages are in need of this kind of support. Like the Martin foundation, many organizations should come forward to support the development of government schools. It will greatly help economically backward children.