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Why is education important for our country ?

23 July

Why is education important for our country ?

Despite great progress in recent years, children are still deprived of education. We must understand that education and development are related to each other. The role of education in a country is very important because a lack of education leads to poverty and slow economic development of a country, especially when the country is a developing country. Education is very important for everyone, it is a basic need of every individual, every girl or boy should be entitled to quality education so that they can have better chances in life including opportunities for jobs and better health.

The role of education in poverty reduction is enormous. Some of the benefits of education are: It stimulates the country's economic growth. It also reduces infant mortality and increases human life expectancy. Education is a major investment in a country as it offers huge benefits. Education guarantees a permanent income; it promotes peace and reduces school and college dropouts and encourages healthy competition. Many kids drop out of college because they don't realize the benefits of a college education. Education helps to make the right decisions in conflict situations.

Today high school students are limited to academics only. We also need to ensure that school education equips children with the skills they need for life. Special attention should be paid to the most vulnerable groups and groups (including children living in slums, children with disabilities, and girls) who are most likely to be affected by a lack of well-trained teachers, insufficient learning materials, and inadequate educational infrastructure. Good teachers are a very important ingredient in any child's education. Educated girls and women are generally healthier, earn more, and provide better health care for themselves and their future children. These benefits are also passed down from generation to generation and through communities at large, making girls' education one of the best investments a country can make.

In India, a combination of discrimination, social attitudes, poverty, lack of political will, and poor quality of human and material resources make children with disabilities more vulnerable to removal from education. Societies must adapt their education systems to ensure that these children can receive an education and have a better future.

Children who have access to quality educational programs do better and succeed in life. The education system in developing countries must be structured in such a way that students care about the development of their country. Access to education can improve the economic and financial living conditions of citizens and determine the prospects of future generations, especially in developing countries. However, achieving these goals is complicated.

Many non-profit organizations have also, on several occasions, taken important steps to make quality education a reality for children from poor backgrounds. They have long been addressing gaps in education. One such NGO is Martin Charitable Trust.

Martin Charitable Trust has made significant contributions to the field of education. The foundation has always been a big supporter of schools in and around Tamil Nadu, from supporting infrastructure to hosting many schools for development.