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Top NGOs for Orphans in Tamilnadu

18 June 2022

Top NGOs for Orphans in Tamilnadu

India is in the top 10 and has a lot of orphans and poor children. State-run nurseries are usually called youth hostels. There are also thousands of private orphanages across the country. These are done by various trusts, religious groups, private citizens, civic groups, non-governmental organizations, and many others.

In particular, there were scandals related to adoption. Some orphanages maintain a high population through adoption because government regulations limit funding unless there are a certain number of residents. At first, there were no shelter or housing options for the orphans as there were no constituents to raise an orphanage. Jyotirao Phule established an orphanage in 1854 to help less fortunate children in society find homes for themselves. This helped many orphans whose fates remained unknown. Orphans are one of the most vulnerable groups in India. Like any other child, they have rights and interests that must be protected. As they are more susceptible to exploitation and abuse, they require special attention and care. It is not enough to provide them with food, shelter, clothing, and education.

Martin Charitable Trust is involved in many activities to help educate orphans and empower voiceless orphans. Tamil Nadu has many orphanages dedicated to the mission of making a difference and creating an orphan-free society.

Manitham Trust :

Manitham Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization established in 2005 by Mr. Vanarajan Swamidoss. It is a popular organization focused on working with children and youth in the community to ensure their development, adolescent girls' empowerment, and education through their projects.

Saratha Shakti Peedam :

Sarada Sakthi peedam, Chennai was founded in 1988 and provides spiritual and rural education and orphanage services to poor and oppressed people. This institution is managed thanks to donations from benefactors.

In the name of our Sarada Sakthi Peedam, "Sri Ramakrishna Seva Gurukulam" has been working for fourteen years where destitute disciples stay and receive a good education.

Hope Public Charitable Trust :

Hope Public Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organization, operating since 2007. Based in Chennai, India, we strive to meet the needs and living conditions of the community with intellectual disabilities, one of the most marginalized communities in our society. HOPE is committed to improving the living conditions of the distressed community by providing special education, vocational training, and rehabilitation services for the mentally disabled and children and adults with special needs.

Universal Peace Foundation :

The Universal Peace Foundation has been a commendable foundation in the field of humanitarian service for over a decade. It continually aims to establish a peaceful society based on egalitarian values ​​within the Indian cultural context.

Free orphanage for destitute children, women, the elderly, widows, and the physically and mentally handicapped. It is an Indian not-for-profit, non-profit trust funded by Guruji Shivathma. What can be seen about the Universal Peace Foundation is a paradise for hungry illiterate children, unhappy souls with different abilities, carefree elderly parents, and helpless souls.

Annai Terasa Charitable Trust :

The Annai Teresa Charitable Trust's Home is one of the leading welfare institutions for the most vulnerable children with special needs and mental/physical problems and deprived children in the state of Tamilnadu, India.

Its founder, Mr. G. Gopi Sarathy, from a very poor family, has since had a vision of a just society and felt the need for rehabilitation through the integration of disabled, orphaned, and destitute children under one roof. Since the beginning in 2009 with 124 children, support, and accommodation. They currently house a total of 110 children.

Martin Charitable Foundation :

Martin Charitable Trust has also made significant donations and contributions to many orphanages. The foundation has always been a huge support for orphanages in and around Tamil Nadu, from supporting their infrastructure to adopting numerous orphanages for their growth.