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The Martin Foundation's aim to eradicate economic inequality

27 May

The Martin Foundation's aim to eradicate economic inequality

Sometimes all it takes is that one story, that one initiative, to make a huge difference!
Isn’t it?


Beginning his career at a tender age of 13, Martin Santiago worked as an impoverished worker and trader in Myanmar. With the help of his hard work, excellence, and burning desire, he was able to venture into the field of lottery business ultimately leading to the creation and establishment of one of the largest business empires in the country - Martin Lottery Agencies Ltd. in 1988 (established in 1988 and incorporated in 1991).

Mr. Santiago Martin not just encourages revolutionary ideas, but also people and organizations. He believes in fostering democratic values while also advancing human progress. He makes sure he works at the intersection of philanthropy, technology, and advocacy. Gaining progress in all his initiatives, he has:

  • reduced poverty and justice,
  • strengthened democratic values,
  • advanced human achievement, &
  • supported & helped minority communities


We all wish India to evolve and develop but what we fail to understand is, India won't become a better place on its own. As citizens of this country, it is our duty to take responsibility and be accountable for each and every step ahead.

  • Founded by Mr. Santiago Martin, the Martin Foundation is a non-profit movement, dedicated to change the way India tackles poverty, climatic changes, and educational inequalities.
  • It strives to work in harmony to alleviate poverty and injustice, as well as to aid people in breaking the cycle of poverty and escaping it.
  • Devoted to making grants to people and organizations that work in alignment with Santiago Martin’s vision and mission (to transform India into a better and balanced society), so far, it has taken around 20+ initiatives, funded over ₹55 Million as emergency and have helped around 1000+ students.
  • It invests and supports several innovative and charitable foundations who deliver transformative solutions to their cause.
  • It has a team of dedicated people who work their level best to help bring out technologies that uplift people.
  • It works to eliminate the causes of poverty and social inequality so that people can live in dignity.

We at Martin Foundation aim at combating poverty in order to bring people together. We work closely with the local population to advance projects and strengthen local communities in the long term. Our goal is to serve the poorest of the poor to help themselves in the long term.