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The Global Fight against Poverty

11 Dec

The Global Fight against Poverty

Our Vision and Our Goals

Our founder Mr. Martin Santiago believes in working on a world in which everyone has access to resources that enable them to live without poverty and in dignity. Poverty, injustice, suffering and conflict characterize the daily lives of many people around the globe. As an organization, we see the astounding capability of every community and individual.

Our foundation aims at combating poverty and to bring people together. That's why we work closely with the local population to advance projects and strengthen local communities in the long term.

Care Tackles Poverty at the Root

We fight the causes of poverty and social inequality in order to enable people to live in dignity. In disaster areas, we help with clean drinking water, food and shelter. After disasters, we support communities in rebuilding, give children and young people access to education and create income opportunities for people who live in remote places. Our goal is to serve the poorest of the poor to help themselves in the long term.

We stand up for the rights of women and girls because we believe that a woman who we enable to lift herself out of poverty achieves the same for her family and becomes an agent of change for her whole community.

Quality and Transparency

Concrete: Martin Foundation helps where support is most urgently needed.

Sustainable: Always stay on the ball: Martin Foundation reviews projects and works on the further development of aid missions.

Transparent: Checked and recommended: We use funds efficiently and transparently.

In India, we campaign for global justice through educational and public relations work. Martin Foundation is involved internationally at global conferences, as an advisor and as a member of action alliances. Our projects should have a lasting effect, which is why we closely involve our board members in the planning and implementation of our programs.