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School adoption projects by non-profit organizations

12 Mar

School adoption projects by non-profit organizations

Ever since its independence from British rule in the year 1947, India has made several remarkable and consistent improvements in terms of education. However, there are still a lot of roadblocks in the way of making quality education accessible for people from all walks of life, such as:

  • Lack of adequate funds
  • Necessary amenities
  • Lack of proper infrastructure
  • Poor hygiene practices
  • Lack of experienced teachers

Since 1968, the National Education Policy of every country has maintained the benchmark of 6% of GDP in their education. Whereas, India has been only able to spend a little over 3% on its education!

On top of this, most children in several developing countries like India go to government schools.

Poor quality education in India has led to poor learning outcomes, causing children to drop out of school and become subject to child labour, abuse, and violence. Despite their wish to live a fulfilling life, they are bound to discontinue schooling, due to the poor economic conditions of their family.

The need of the hour is significant collaborations between the government, the private, and the social sectors in order to make quality education accessible to each and every child in India.

Apart from these sectors, many Non-profit organizations have also time and again taken significant steps to make quality education a reality for children belonging to poor backgrounds. They have been acting upon the gaps in education for a very long time.

One such NGO is Martin Charitable Trust

Martin Charitable Trust has been known for improving the lives of people in India since its establishment. With remarkable services and activities, the trust has always strived, continues to strive, and will continue to strive, to improve the lives of the underprivileged and oppressed in society and eradicate widespread poverty in India.

Martin Charitable Trust has done its utmost to make lives better for the poor and the needy. According to Martin Charitable Trust, everyone deserves a healthy, happy life, and strives for equality for everyone, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities regardless of their background.

Martin Charitable trust has also made significant donations and contributions in the realm of education. The foundation has always been a tremendous support for schools in and around Tamil Nadu, from supporting their infrastructure to adopting numerous schools for their development.

Through these School Adoption Projects, Martin Charitable Trust’s goal is to close the gap between Government and Private schools by providing a lot of facilities including:

  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Improved Educational Quality
  • Well-Built Play Area
  • Paving The Way For Digital Education Through Smart Classrooms
  • Better Sanitation
  • Access To Clean & Safe Drinking Water
  • Application Of the Latest Technology
  • Promotion Of Sports & Extracurricular Activities
  • Development Of Well-Stocked Libraries
  • Well-Equipped Laboratories
  • Inclusion of Vocational Skills, etc.