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Poor Child education NGOS in India

25 Dec

Poor Child education NGOS in India

Education is an integral part of a child’s life, that assists them to do something good in their life. It builds the base of a child’s future and also ensures growth and development in the country. But, we can’t ignore the fact that education in India is more like a luxury than essential.

India is a nation with over 1 billion people, and only 1/3rd of them can read, write and have the luxury to be educated. The rising population, lack of good faculty and facilities, insufficient funds to support education are the challenges that our nation is battling in terms of education. Lack of education for poor children is a grave challenge that our country faces. In a study, it was shown that more than 30% of the educational funds are distributed towards higher education, ignoring primary education.

India ranks fourth among the top 10 nations with the highest percentage of school drop-outs after primary schooling. Therefore, the percentage of students who have dropped out of school is extremely high. One of the main reasons behind these figures is the rising poverty in our country. When earning 3 three-time meals per day and looking after the family becomes the main focus, education ought to take a backseat with less or no interest in pursuing education. For the less privileged children education is seen as a luxury they can’t afford, and this continues generation after generation.

What is even upsetting to watch is the maximum number of school drop-out students in India being girls. This is due to numerous social issues that include casteism, class, and gender biases. The prevalence of child labour and hesitance to send girls to school continues to be a major issue in several parts of the country even today.

India’s holistic growth depends on a well-qualified and skilled workforce. To attain that, improving the standard of education is a must and requires investment. A poor condition of primary education can affect numerous lives, careers, and the country in general. A huge proportion of the adult population in India is under-educated to be eligible for skilled jobs. To take India ahead in the global rankings, it is essential that each child gets equal opportunities to benefit from quality education.

What many don’t understand is that change doesn’t come by itself. Founded and established by Santiago Martin, Martin Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that aims to make India a better place to live and educate the masses. We at Martin Charitable Trust have time and again given our all to bridge the gap of inequalities. We have organized numerous programs to ensure that each and every student gets equal access to education and opportunities, regardless of their economic status and background.

Numerous Education NGOs in Coimbatore have constantly been supporting the education of poor children for a long time. There are numerous NGOs that provide charity and sponsor education for poor children.

Through these initiatives, we hope to create a platform for the poor and underprivileged students to get equal rights to education and make a good future for themselves and support their families.