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Martin Foundation organizes a welfare benefit function in association with rotary club of coimbatore

25 Oct 2021

Martin Foundation organizes a welfare benefit function in association with rotary club of coimbatore

Martin Foundation has been a chief organization providing support to the underprivileged and also giving them a reason to live by sponsoring them. The gap between the rich and the underprivileged is unavoidable, and actions need to be taken to bridge the rising gap.

The underprivileged have no access to good education, quality healthcare, and healthy food. We all want India to transform into a better place for the poor, but what we are unable to understand is that we have to take the necessary steps to make our nation a better place. As responsible citizens of India, we have to set larger development goals and hold ourselves accountable for every step we make that way.

The social activities organized include food distribution programs, lending support during relief material, helping out people from economically backward societies, educating students, among other CSR activities.

Time and again, Martin Foundation has organized numerous welfare benefit functions to assist the poor and underprivileged in need as they try to create a secure financial future.

Focusing more on the same goal, Martin Foundation organized a welfare benefit function worth Rs. 1 crore and Rs. 10 lakh. The event was held at the #7 Hotel in Saibaba Colony. The event was in association with the Rotary Club of Coimbatore and a part of their Aakruthi program. This function was attended by Rotary Club District Coordinator, Mr. Rajshekar Srinivasan.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, Martin Foundation also gave a cheque of Rs. 73 millions to Mr. Rajshekar Srinivasan. Rotary Special Coordinator, Director, A.K.S Dr. Leema Rose Martin graced the event and donated the money for the cause.

Martin Foundation is a team of employees who work in harmony with a vision to eradicate poverty, injustice, and assist the people in breaking the cycle of poverty and coming out of it. We work to strengthen democratic values and advance human achievements. We invest in transformative ideas, individuals, and institutions.