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Martin Coimbatore donates money to schools in Pudukkottai

10 Jan

Martin Coimbatore donates money to schools in Pudukkottai

Hygiene plays a crucial role in leading towards a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for school students. A good should be sufficient enough to provide the students with a healthy environment, clean classes, and toilet services. Cleanliness is crucial to every school.

Only if a school is capable of providing a good and neat environment for education, will a parent enroll their kids to it.

Martin Foundation donates money to build toilets for different schools in Pudukkottai

Martin Coimbatore understands that hygiene and academics go hand in hand. In the current situation, hygiene has gained center stage. Priority is being given to proper handwashing and sanitation habits to promote a healthy life, free of COVID-19.

Keeping in mind the prevalent situation, Dr. Leema Rose Martin, Trustee of Martin Charitable Trust donated money to different schools in Pudukkottai on 19th October 2020 for the construction of toilets in the school of the village. Some of the schools they donated to were Christ The King Nursery and Primary School, Jeevan Jyoti Higher Secondary School, etc.

Donations were also made to villages in Thanjavur district for constructing public toilet services for the villages

Our aim is to create self-sufficient schools

We at Martin Lottery Group, aim at adopting schools and making them self-sufficient to educate students by creating a pleasant environment in the school, which would be centric to the holistic development of students.

The plan is to not only focus on the academic front of the school but also create a platform for extra-curricular activities. Focusing on this point, the organization also provided funds to the schools for the creation of a school stage. This is the first step towards our goal of giving due importance to extracurriculars.