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Martin Charitable trust organizes a school adoption program worth rs.4 crore

25 Jan

Martin Charitable trust organizes a school adoption program worth rs.4 crore

Education is one of the most significant factors of our country. It not only has the potential to improve and elevate one's standard of living but also has the ability to impact the growth of a country.

For developing countries like India, education is, in fact, the most powerful tool which can transform our country on a social, cultural, and economic level.

From the time of its inception, Martin Charitable Trust is widely known for bettering the lives of the people of India. With several commendable services and initiatives, the trust has always strived, strives, and will continue to strive to uplift the lives of the poor and downtrodden sect of the society and eliminate the widespread poverty in India.

The trust is also known for its significant donations and contributions in the field of education. Right from sponsoring their infrastructure to adopting various schools, the trust has always been a great support for schools in and around Tamil Nadu.


With various efforts, Martin Charitable Trust has time and again given its all to fill the widening gap between the rich and the poor. In a similar light, Martin Charitable Trust hosted a Government School Adoption Program at Koundampalayam's Panchayat Union Middle School. This event took place on February 3rd, 2022, around 10:30 A.M.

Mrs. N. Geetha (MSc., M. Ed.) Chief Educational Officer, Coimbatore, and Dr. Leema Rose Martin, Managing Trustee, Martin Charitable Trust, graced this event with their esteemed presence along with others.

Through this School Adoption Project, Martin Charitable Trust is planning to close the gap between Government and Private schools by providing a range of facilities including:

  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Improved Educational Quality
  • Well-Built Play Area
  • Paving The Way For Digital Education Through Smart Classrooms
  • Better Sanitation
  • Access To Clean & Safe Drinking Water
  • Application Of Latest Technology
  • Promotion Of Sports & Extracurricular Activities
  • Development Of Well-Stocked Libraries
  • Well-Equipped Laboratories
  • Inclusion of Vocational Skills, etc.

In addition to the renovation of the school in terms of its physical components, Martin Charitable Trust is also aiming to provide leadership and curriculum development training to the teachers, the HODs, and the school management staff of the school.

According to Martin Charitable Trust, everyone deserves a healthy, happy life and advocates for equality for all; ensuring that everyone has equal chances regardless of their background.

The aim of this Government School Adoption Program is to not just improve the educational quality but also establish a healthy learning environment where children can learn to have fun and thrive and not just survive.


Martin Charitable Trust is a community-based, non-profit organization in India that fights poverty, sickness, and inequality. It has a long history of providing financial and material support to unprivileged students studying in schools and colleges. In addition to this, the trust has also adopted various schools, allowing the impoverished children to have an opportunity to receive a quality and equal education.