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Martin Charitable trust donates money to schools in villages of Tamil Nadu

24 August 2021

Martin Charitable trust donates money to schools in villages of Tamil Nadu

There’s no doubt about the fact that education is one of the first and foremost priorities of India. Initiatives have been taken in the past and present to spread education among the farthest corners of the country. This is to build an aware India, where educated Indians take decisions without being influenced by the high-class society.

A country is educated and progressive when everyone gets equal job opportunities, the gap between rich and poor decreases, and jobs aren’t given based on social status, rather are given based on educational qualifications and experience. But, education in India is a heart-wrenching sight to watch.

In India, education is seen more as a privilege than a right. The middle and high-class section of the country enjoy maximum privilege and get educated, while the lower class tend to bear the brunt of the class division and don’t get educated.

Boys enjoy more chances at getting educated, than girls, who are restricted to doing only household chores. This practice is more prevalent in villages and lower classes..

Time and again, Martin Charitable Trust has dedicated itself to assisting poor children to get the right to education. We believe that holding ourselves accountable is the only way we can make our dreams come real. While setting big goals is important, what is even more important are the realistic steps that bring us towards a bigger vision.

To achieve progress across our initiatives, we strive to work collaboratively at the intersection of Philanthropy, Technology, and Advocacy. Martin Charitable Trust is committed to making grants to people and organizations working in support of their mission: a more balanced society! It supports everyone working towards providing education to all.

Taking action on this point, Leema Rose Martin, Founder, Martin Charitable Trust has donated money and other resources to numerous schools in nearby villages intending to build better infrastructure for the schools.

On 23rd August 2021, Leema Rose Martin as a representative of Martin Charitable Trust donated Rs. 1 Lakh to Loyola Higher Secondary School, Dindigul, and Rs. 1 Lakh to Patriciyar Middle School, Madurai for building their basic infrastructure facilities.

This was part of the trust’s outreach program, in which they funded chosen schools from villages in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc., to develop their infrastructure and hygiene.