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Martin charitable trust donates educational aid worth Rs. 1crore

22 Nov 2021

Martin charitable trust donates educational aid worth Rs. 1crore

A majority of people, even in today’s date, struggle to afford basic necessities such as food, clothes, shelter, etc. For such people, education is a kind of luxury that they must eventually give up. This results in illiteracy which further leads to more poverty as a result.

Education is without a doubt one of the most significant factors of our country. It has not only the potential to increase the effect of the growth of a country but also has the capacity to raise and improve the standard of one’s living. Despite this, we see many children drop out of school owing to financial difficulties.

Martin Charitable Trust is a community-based, non-profit organization in India that fights poverty, sickness, and inequity. The trust is time and again, known to often step up for good causes. Martin Charitable Trust has a long history of providing financial and material support to unprivileged students studying in schools and colleges. In addition to this, they have also adopted several schools, allowing the impoverished children an opportunity to receive a quality education.

Understanding the necessity of education, on October 21st, 2021, Martin Charitable Trust organized an Educational Welfare Program at CK Mahal, Coimbatore. In this event, Mrs. Leema Rose Martin represented Martin Charitable Trust and provided an educational aid of Rs. 1 Crore, as a part of its support to help underprivileged children for the upcoming academic year (2022-2023). A demand draft was issued at 10:30 A.M through which nearly 250 students benefited from this initiative.

We at Martin Foundation seek to alleviate poverty by bringing people together. To promote initiatives and strengthen local communities over time, we engage closely with the local population.

Our mission is to assist the poorest of the poor in becoming self-sufficient in the long run. The main aim behind this event was to bridge the widening gap between the rich and the poor people.