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martin charitable trust as a non profit organisation

12 Sep 2022

martin charitable trust as a non profit organisation

NGO, short form of Non-Profit Organisation, is an organisation which operates independently without the authority or involvement of any government. The main goal of NGO is to address social or political issues and provide a range of social services, such as sheltering widowed women, educating poor orphans, and supporting and empowering women, uplifting the marginalised people of our society, etc. NGOs also assist through information exchange, coaching, workshops, and putting pressure on government workers who don't abide by their motives. NGOs help maintain a society devoid of any prejudice and social evils. It serves as proof that mankind is still around.

NGOs are usually registered under different Indian laws, such as the Societies Registration Act, 1860, Section 25(1) of the Businesses Act, 1956, designed for non-profit companies, or State-specific Public Charitable Trust Acts. NGOs engage in a range of fields, including sustainable development, sector-specific development initiatives, and humanitarian aid.

As one of the highest taxpayers in India, Martin Charitable Trust has consistently donated a portion of his profits to CSR endeavours. Martin Charitable Trust has helped change Indian society by donating relief materials to elevate the status of the poor sects of the society. Some of the activities that he undertook are:

  • In response to Cyclone Gaja that came in the year 2018, Santiago Martin presented a cheque of Rs. 5 Crores to the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami on behalf of the Martin Foundation as a contribution to relief efforts in areas affected by the cyclone. Martin Foundation collaborated with the local government, aiding in the evacuation and spreading warning measures through local community radio in nearby villages.
  • Food, shelter, water, clothing, sanitation, and medical help were made available to those who were impacted by the storm
  • Additionally, they provided the afflicted individuals with relief supplies worth Rs. 3 Crore. Santiago Martin was the highest individual contributor in support of Cyclone Gaja.
  • Additionally, the Martin Group of Companies contributed Rs. 1 Crore to the Assam CM's Relief Fund to aid in the reconstruction of Assam's flood-affected areas
  • Santiago Martin has made a donation to the CM's Relief Funds for Tamil Nadu in the wake of the 2015 floods and for Kerala during the 2018 floods.
  • People who were affected by the storm were given access to essential supplies and services, including food, shelter, water, clothes, sanitation, and medical assistance. They also donated relief materials worth Rs. 3 Crores to the people affected. He was the highest individual contributor in support of Cyclone Gaja.The Martin Charitable Trust has a long history of working with a variety of Social, Cultural, Educational, and Healthcare institutions. It has time and again given its all to promote equality and provide a better quality of life to the citizens of our subcontinent.