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How to donate food to the poor in India?

22 Feb

How to donate food to the poor in India?

2020 saw the world taking a complete u-turn from what it was to what it became. A pandemic changed the entire course of the future. The pandemic and its repercussions took everyone by shock, no one was prepared and the quick change of events didn’t help either. The first pandemic after 100 years, it took the world time to adjust to the then-ongoing circumstances.

An immediate lockdown without an end date made matters worse. In a blink of an eye, people lost jobs, some became homeless, others lost their close ones, and life turned upside down. Two years down the lane, where things look better, offices have resumed, children can be seen going to school in the morning, but the effects are still visible.

While the middle class and the high- class society could move on with a few and more losses, the Covid-19 pandemic was the most challenging for the lower middle class and the lower class for whom earning a three-time meal was difficult to get.

For them, things have not clearly improved even now. The after-effects of the pandemic following lockdown were such that getting back to normalcy would take many years. Numerous days were spent without getting proper food to eat and a shelter to sleep. Homeless people slept on footpaths and wandered throughout the day for food.

The pandemic has taught us all the importance of human life, how every life matters. Treasuring lives is essential and makes us feel happy.

While the poor and homeless are trying to rebuild their lives after the chaos, we can be of their help.

The best way to do that is by donating food to the poor and providing them with some shelter. There’s no hiding the fact that India is a developing country, and there's still a huge gap between the classes causing unfair division of power. While the rich and middle class spent the lockdown inside the four walls of their houses, the poor in India had to start on a new journey every single day, to find food and get shelter.

You can donate food to the poor in numerous ways

Donate money or food to the homeless beggars you find on the streets: While traveling, we all might have been stopped by beggars who ask for money to eat something or food. Giving some money or buying something for them is one of the best ways to donate food to the poor in India.

Tie-up with an NGO that looks out for the poor: Another way of contributing to the cause is by tying up with an NGO that’s looking out after the poor and donating food to the poor in India.

Martin Foundation is one such organization that is actively involved in uplifting the poor in India and giving food to the hungry. During the pandemic, the trust took the responsibility of feeding at least 5,000 people every day for two weeks. Fresh protein-rich food including vegetables, rice, and chicken was cooked every day and distributed to various villages in Tamil Nadu through vehicles. Within two weeks, they filled the stomachs of 50,000 homeless people.

These are the two most common ways to donate food to the poor.

So time to do our part by donating food to the poor in India.