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How is Martin Charitable Trust contributing in Tamil Nadu struggle against Covid-19?

22 June

How is Martin Charitable Trust contributing in Tamil Nadu struggle against Covid-19?

Who would have known that what started as an epidemic in the small city of Wuhan, China would soon become a pandemic and affect lives all across? Stepping out of our homes has become an unusual thing, and breathing without the mask is nothing less than a luxury. The covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a deadly effect on the world, and India is no different in terms of its suffering.

Covid-19 affects the rich and poor alike, but while the rich have the money and funds to get treated, the poor lack the money to treat themselves. Martin Charitable Trust has always tried to spread equality among the masses. The aim has always been to bridge the gap between the rich and poor by providing quality healthcare to everyone.

Taking this goal one step further, Dr. Leema Rose Martin, Founder, Martin Charitable Trust has made many donations to different hospitals and healthcare facilities to treat the present Covid-19 situation.

Tamil Nadu is one of the states that were the worst hit due to the pandemic, especially with the new strain, the state saw an all-time hike in the Covid-19 cases. From the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tamil Nadu has reported 23.9 lakh cases, out of which 22.4 lakh have recovered and 30,338 patients have died. Coimbatore has reported around 2,08,253 total cases and 14,396 active cases which is the highest in the state.

In Coimbatore, Covid-19 patients are being treated at Coimbatore Government Hospital and ESI Hospital. Dr. Leema Rose Martin, Trustee, Coimbatore Government Hospital, and ESI Hospital donated three 10 liter oxygen concentrators worth Rs. 5.5 lakhs and four 7 liter oxygen concentrators to Coimbatore Government Hospital. She also donated oxygen concentrators to ESI Hospital on 7th June 2021.

The donation took place in the presence of Dr. Nirmala, Dean, Coimbatore Government Hospital, and Dr. Raveendran, Dean, ESI Hospital. Dr. Leema Rose Martin thanked the doctors and the staff for treating the Covid-19 patients keeping their health at risk. We at Martin Charitable Trust, wish and pray that Tamil Nadu and the entire subcontinent win over these trying times and report victory over Covid-19.