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Dr.Leema Rose Martin- The pillar of maetin group of companies

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Dr.Leema Rose Martin- The pillar of maetin group of companies

A Humanitarian by birth, Philanthropist by heart, and an Administrator by practice, Dr. Leema Rose Martin is the Director of the Martin Group of Companies. Wife of Mr. Santiago Martin, Chairman of the Martin Charitable Trust, her relentless dedication, constant commitment towards each and every initiative of the organization, along with her focus and persistent goals towards the fulfillment of the developmental goals of the entire company are some of the reasons why she is known as the 'the driving factor behind the success of Mr. Santiago Martin'. Her unwavering benevolence and compassionate nature towards every member of the company is one of the main reasons behind the transformation of our organization as one corporate family.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration under her belt. She can communicate well in Tamil, English, and Hindi. Her dedication to achieving her desired goal along with her professionalism makes her stand out. She has visited a number of nations and gained an understanding of their diverse cultures as well as corporate principles. All of this combines to make her an excellent administrator. Her administrative skills and humanitarian attitude have earned her the positions of Consultant and Advisor of Civil Society Organizations at the International and National levels.

As a joint Managing Trustee of the Martin Charitable Trust as well as the Secretary & Correspondent of the Martin Homeopathy Medical College & Hospital, her keen sense of humanitarian values along with social ethics and great business principles have made her a champion in the field of charity and social work. She supports the grand vision of the organization which is to help create and promote a foundation of unity and sustainable progress through innovation and industry.

Dr. Leema Rose Martin's inborn interest to help the poor and underprivileged has led her to participate in a variety of social initiatives.Her relentless commitment to serving society has garnered her several recognitions, such as:

  • Degree of Doctorate of Social Works in Academy of Universal Global Peace, on 18th August 2014
  • Degree of Doctor of Letters for her Brilliant Entrepreneurship and Social Empowerment in the International Tamil University, Maryland, USA
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humanity Science, by the Yorker International University, Italy
  • Consultant and Advisory services for International and National level Civil Society Organizations
  • PAST PRESIDENT, Rotary Club Of Coimbatore Aakruthi (2016-2017)
  • PAST PRESIDENT, Rotary Club Of Coimbatore Aakruthi (2016-2017)
  • GOVERNOR’S GROUP REPRESENTATIVE(GGR), Rotary District 3201 (2020-2021)
  • PRESIDENT, Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Siddha, and Homeopathy Private Medical College Association (AYUSH)
  • JOINT GENERAL SECRETARY, Indian Jananayaga Katchi
  • PRESIDENT, All India Catholic Union (AICU) (Women’s wing)
  • PRESIDENT, All India Christian Udayar Sangam (Women’s wing)
  • SECRETARY, Parkavakula Munnetra Sangam Women’s wing
  • VICE PRESIDENT, Best & Co Kabaddi Team Association, Coimbatore