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best ngos to donate blankets in chennai

16 August 2022

best ngos to donate blankets in chennai

The most anticipated winters are around the corner, giving us all the more reasons to stay outdoors, even during the afternoon sun. All you need to enjoy this winter to the fullest is warm clothes. With winter making its onset in numerous parts of the country, people have pulled out their respective blankets, mufflers, jackets, shawls, etc. But, while we have all the amenities and a house to beat the winter with, many have to bear the winters in the open, with no protection. The chilly winter evenings can be quite a scary experience for the underprivileged.

A lot of us throw away our old winter wardrobe to make way for new clothing, or just keep it in our cupboards or suitcases. However, there are a lot of people out there who need such clothing and blankets to keep them warm throughout the winter. This Winter Season, let’s work wholeheartedly to contribute to the cause.

Here’s a list of NGOs to which you can donate:

1. Goonj:

Goonj caters to meeting the basic needs in slums and rural India. They are a pan-India organization that has been working in this field for nearly two decades, making a name for itself by successfully creating channels of giving from those who have to those who need it.

2. Udhavum Karanagal:

Founded in 1983, Udhavum Karanagal started as a guidance and counseling center by Shri Vidyaakar has now transformed into a full-fledged organization. Translating to ‘Helping Hands’ in English, the NGO offers medical assistance, educational support, and psychological support to destitutes. They care for over 2000 destitute people in their homes and need all the assistance they can get.

3. Thaagam Foundation:

Thaagam Foundation, a non-governmental organization, is working to improve the lives of all living beings. Our thirst ('thaagam') is to help people. Humanity, we believe, consists of people, animals, and the environment. By implementing innovative and effective programs for the underprivileged, animal welfare, and the environment, we uphold our commitments to all living things.

They have been feeding the homeless since we began in 2018. These underprivileged service activities include medical treatment as well as educational opportunities. We have the opportunity to bring joy to the children in orphanages by providing them with food, necessities, and recreational items. We are providing food for stray dogs.

4. HelpAge India:

The organization, founded in 1978, works for "the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons to improve their quality of life." HelpAge envisions a society in which the elderly have the right to be active, healthy, and dignified. It has been known for its exemplary work in the field of aging, relief efforts during the Covid 19 pandemic, and recognition of the organization's outstanding contribution to population issues and efforts in the realization of older persons' rights in India.

5. Martin Foundation:

The NGO has solely been formed to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, the privileged and the disadvantaged. Located in Coimbatore, MCT provides world-class education to underprivileged girl children and trains women for vocational jobs. The NGO has also funded numerous government schools and colleges and sponsored many underprivileged children.